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I am backkkkkk

Hey the royals! ( ya still working on that)

I am back (again😳) which was unannounced sorry!

mainly because of exams, trips and laziness…

buttttt I have lots of new post ideas and soooo many things happened likee…..

  • went to Darjeeling
  • gave my exam in Darjeeling
  • finished reading the book (clocks by Agatha Christie) I’ve been putting of for a long time
  • got a insta account
  • learned a new language on Duolingo
  • Went trekking
  • learned to swim (again)
  • was a Hufflepuff but then took the test again became a Gryffindor (like how?)
  • met many manyy puppies( did not get one:( )
  • went to the boarder of Nepal

Also for the bts army here is some mood boards (made them for a friend thought I’d share hope u like it ❤

also added two more I made hope u like it 🙂

also yes the q nd a post is coming soon sorry for the wait

ok byeeeeeee