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The Ultimate Christmas Jackpot \\ All the Presents in the gift bag // ps: the post is not as exciting as it sounds

(Whoa such a big title ain’t it )

Heyyy everyone how’s it going ?

I can’t believe Christmas is in 5 or 4 days !!

Also I am really sorry for the un- announced hiatus because of exams so sorry , I know what you all are thinking ‘ Exams ? At this time of year not possible’ ya I know but you know school is school soo ya . Well let’s get on with the post 😉

Soooo… As you have read in the title here are all the gifts I put in the goodie bag

Some Paintings :

Some Christmas bookmarks :

Some normal bookmarks:

Some sticker sheets :

Some notepads :(also diy)

anddddddddd that’s it byeeeeeeeee

ps : am gonna do few awards and tags I said I’d participate and I will don’t worry

andd also am gonna add moree things to this like cookies ,personalised letters , basically anything else I make ok byeeeeeeee

Rajonya signing off * salutes *

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4 different Bookmarks

Heyyy everyone !!! How’s your day going ?

Soooooo………….. Today I thought of making a Diy post 4 different types of bookmark ( make the one you like , or all of them !)









Ps: There are lots of Christmas videos coming up


  • christmas gift ideas part 1,2,3,4 etc…..
  • christmas decorations ( in parts tooo )
  • Well there is moree…..

Have a great day !! Seee you later byeeeeeeeeee ….

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Diy Luggage tags for travel

hi guys , sorry for not posting in a while . Well so today’s post is about baggage tags , let’s take for example you are traveling in an airplane and you have put you suitcase in checked in luggage .After the flight you go to collect your bag and you can’t find it as it is lost . But then someone else finds it and sees your tags and emails you that he \she has your bag . Thank God for your tag you found your bag right . So, let’s see how to make a tag .

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See you next week !!