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Diy Halloween Ornaments 🎃

Heyy everyone !! Wnna decorate your house for halloween . Just take sume clay and follow the instructions below and make with me ( i know to many ands 😅) .

Halloween is a celebration on the night of October 31st. . Children wear costumes and go to people’s homes saying “Trick or treat!” to ask for candy and people give it to them. The suggestion is: People traditionally dress up as ghosts, witches, vampires or other scary things for Halloween. It is often referred to as ‘the scariest time of the year’.

Q. What are you gonna dress for Halloween this year ? Ans : Answer in the comments !!

Things needed:

  • Mould-it Fevicryl / Air dry clay
  • toothpick
  • water
  • paint
  • a small cylinder ( for the ghost )
  • a roller

Learn how to make them ( just if the video wasn’t clear ):

The Ghost :

Step 1 : make a small ball and place it on the cylinder

Step 2 ; use the rest of the clay and roll it until it is nice and big ( make it not too thin, not too thick )

Step 3 : Then place the Rolled clay on the cylinder .

Step 4 : take a little clay and make arms for it . Use the toothpick to make a face.

don’t forget to paint it !

and you’re done !!

The Witches hat :

Step 1 : make a ball and then make it into a circle ( a big one as this will be the base for it )

Step 2 ; then make a ball , lengthen i a bit , make a base and and give it a small curl like a hat shape . ( i seriously don’t know how to describe it😑)

Step 3 : cut little lines and then put in on the hat at the point where they meet . also make a buckle .

don’t forget to paint it !

and you’re done!!

The Pumpkin :

Step 1 : make a little sphere. and tap a little on the top ( like a little hole, press very lightly )

Step 2 : using the toothpick make small imprints ( like a pizza , when you are cutting ) . Continue those imprints on the rest of the sphere.

Step 3 : take some clay and make the little stem.

don’t forget it!!

and you’re done!!

Hope you like this post !! ( sorry for posting it late ) See you later . byeeeeee ( Oh and be careful on the night of halloween a ghost might come to haunt you ( it might not be that scary or it might , i was going for a spooky and fun type ))Happy Halloween till then cya!

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Halloween Q and A Nomination

Hiiii everyone ! How ‘s your day ? So , I have been nominated to a Q & A nomination . Thank you Sophie for nominating me .

Here are the Rules :


  • Include the image above
  • Thank the person who nominated you and tag their blog and the creator’s blog (I want to see who else does this )
  • Answer the questions asked and add one of your own
  • Tag as many people as you want

So here I go ,

Q 1 . What’s your favorite part of Halloween?

Ans : Hmm let’s see , trick or treating of course ! It’s the most exciting part of Halloween .

Q 2 . What are you dressing up as this year? Add a pic if you want.

Ans : This year I am going to dress as a witch ( but not the bad kind , the good kind ) . The costume will be made with things I already have , with a hint of magic from DIY . A black dress , black boots , a cape , witch’s hat , a necklace ( which is enchanted 😉) , some jewelry , and a wand .

Q 3 . Favorite Halloween memory?

Ans : My fav halloween memmory is that when on Halloween night I got together with my friends , we dressed up as different charecters . we went for trick or treating ( I was dressed as a Black cat ) to all the neighborhood houses ( we were loded with candies , ice – cream , chocolate and money ) . There is a vacant housde in our locality , we were hanging out and telling ghost stories . that’s when we heard a shrieking laughter from somewhere hahahaha ( we were horrified ) but it turns out it was my mom and her friend dressed as a witch 😅😂 . we had dinner and lived happily ever after .

Q 4 . Favorite Halloween themed activity?

Ans : Well , I remember that me and my friends were hanging out ( eating snacks & playing games as usual ) , when we started making a halloween basket ( We totally forgot that Halloween was the day after 😅) For candy . We took medium sized plastic bowls , then made a pumpkin and pasted it on the bowls . We made the Handles out of ribbon . We had a lot of fun doing that .

Q 5 . You’re never too old for trick or treating. True or false (in your opinion)?

Ans : True obviously , you will never be too old for that .

These are the Q and A ‘s . Hope you loved the answers , I loved answering them * excited * . Anyways here are the people I tag .

Thank you again Sophia . Hope you liked this post Byeeeeeeeee.