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1st day of school in a shuffled class been in ‘Baldwin Girls’ High School’ from the age of 3. Since I didn’t know many people in my class. I sat down missing my old batch of friends but found hope that this year would be great too.

 When classes started the teachers gave warnings about the higher class being more difficult then giving reassurance. The class of standard 8 is on the 3rd floor, while climbing the stairs you will almost get your legs sprained before reaching class in the morning. Getting bored while the teacher is teaching not paying attention just thinking when will recess start. So that I can enjoy with my friends while a rush of memories came back of all the mischievous things we did. When having free periods not knowing what to do, feeling bored, catching up with some old friends, having inappropriate talks, reading a book everything else than completing notes. Library, music, P.E, S.U.P.W, robotics and friends are the main reasons to come to school. Bringing delicious lunch only to have your friend finish it.

Feeling down so much but it doesn’t matter once you come to school the monkeys you know as friends will make you laugh so much you will forget all the sorrow in your life. Pretending to be sick with your friends so that we can chill. Having joint study sessions to be productive with your friends instead of studying we are, gossiping and forgetting the real reason we got together to study.

Dropping a pen on purpose while the teacher is calling out to answer questions. Writing on desks and drawing in your textbooks. Copping homework because you were ‘busy’ being ‘responsible’ by taking money to school for the canteen but not using it all.

When school gets closed for the day. We hurry to pack our bags and go to the washroom. Later going to the bus being all sweaty and feeling hot. Fighting for the window seat while talking with your group non-stop until your stop comes.

While coming back home, feeling tired. Still, we change our dress, eat a snack, and go out to play (unless u have a class). Come back and bath then finish our homework(most of it). Later have dinner watch a movie, and then go to sleep. Waking up and then not wanting to go to school because all you want to do is sleep. Then reaching school and feeling overjoyed.

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Celebration Of 50 Followers!!🎉🥳QndA

Hey Royals !!!

so the post is finally here …. I’m sooo excited

ok lets get started

here are the questions:

────── ♡ ──────

Corrie’s Questions

How many pink clothes do you have? Ans: ok well… I definitely have more than 10 . I love pink when it comes to clothes!!

What is your favourite writing equipment? Ans: Definitely Pen and paper cause it feels more realistic and I feel really productive .

How many books have you read this week? Ans: 1 only its “Harry potter and the sorccer’s stone” . I saw all the movies did not read the books yet ..

Aamy’s Questions

1. Do you have any pets? Ans: nope 😦 never had one ,only street dogs…. though my family has a history of pets like my mom had 2 dogs Tina a Alsatian and pommy a pomeriun . My father had a Coker spaniel named Ronny and my maternal Grandfather had a cheetah ( not joking, for real) her name was Chitra
2. Why did you start your blog? Ans: 15 may 2021
3. Do you like anime? Ans : by anime if u mean animated movies yes but if u mean anime like Japanese anime’s etc… no never seen one
4. Have you written any books? Ans: no not yet one was in progress last year but never completed it , it was about teen detectives name the impossible detectives ….. mostly because I was writing it on my computer and it crashed
5. What’s your fave book? Ans: My fav book is Matilda .
6. Who’s your fave singer? Ans : I have manyyyy i cant choose , but if I have to choose I would say Selena Gomez I absolutely love her songs

Gelina’s Questions

1. Do you have any pets? Ans : Nope , (as I said earlier) but I want a puppyyyy(they are so cuteee)
2. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Ans: Lets say somewhere in – between , but mostly extrovert. when I meet a person I’ll be shy at first but later if I get to know them I’ll talk none stop . I remember once there was a girl in my class that didn’t talk much i literally may have made her around 10 percent more talkative I’m glad to have a talent like that.
3. What is your favourite colour? Ans: I would say Lavender, Glacious and pastel
4. How long have you been blogging? Ans: Oh ya thx for reminding me , it has beeeeeeeennnnnn a yearrrr already !!!! I had started this blog last year begining of summer vacay !!!!!
5. Could I interview you? Ans: Yes sure definitely!

────── ♡ ──────

Well …

thats it

for todays post

cya later

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I am backkkkkk

Hey the royals! ( ya still working on that)

I am back (again😳) which was unannounced sorry!

mainly because of exams, trips and laziness…

buttttt I have lots of new post ideas and soooo many things happened likee…..

  • went to Darjeeling
  • gave my exam in Darjeeling
  • finished reading the book (clocks by Agatha Christie) I’ve been putting of for a long time
  • got a insta account
  • learned a new language on Duolingo
  • Went trekking
  • learned to swim (again)
  • was a Hufflepuff but then took the test again became a Gryffindor (like how?)
  • met many manyy puppies( did not get one:( )
  • went to the boarder of Nepal

Also for the bts army here is some mood boards (made them for a friend thought I’d share hope u like it ❤

also added two more I made hope u like it 🙂

also yes the q nd a post is coming soon sorry for the wait

ok byeeeeeee

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New Year!! New me!! New you!! New Blog!! New Everythingg!!

Uhhhhhhhhh so it is already a week after new year more than a week actually soo………… ok so ya i did forget to post this post

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Happy New Year Everyone !!

So Here are my New years Resolutions :

  • Make an award / tag ( give me some ideas for this one)
  • Draw a Drawing Everyday( do you want to see my drawings ?)
  • Try to get post the posts on time ( wellll….. this is a very hard one to keep )
  • Always try to keep my room clean
  • Tryy to get a pet ( if I can convince my parents , I have been wanting a pup since 3yr)
  • Soo ya that’s itt

Now time for 2021 ( btw thxx Aamy from )

  • Made my first Ever blog !!
  • 40 + Followers ( thank u soo muchh)
  • Got wayyy better at art
  • My first ever blogmas ( Do you know what will blogmas be in summer ?)
  • Also I had my First ever New year’s Partyy

Soooooo That’s it


Rajonya Signing off