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In times of pandemic, I find more time to cultivate my inbuilt creativity. It was unknown to me as well that I can achieve so much in my spare time. Besides online school, dance classes. art sessions now I also spent many hours on crafts, cooking, gardening, and so many others ( Well I had to do something to avoid getting bored). It came to mind that the raw materials used should not be expensive, and the time taken should be not on the higher side. In short, there should be affordable and quick items to be tried on. I would be posting such articles where anyone and everyone would find interest in developing his / her inner self through these workshops. I welcome your comments in my blog, both positive and negative so that I can cater to your specific needs. Happy reading and happy commenting.

About me :

Hiii ! If you have stumbled upon this page , maybe you wanted know more about me . So ,here are some random facts about me :

  • I absolutely love doga and cats (even if they are naturally enemies ), kittens and pups too. ( No , I don’t have pets , I only want them ( no from parents 🥺😭) .
  • I am really annoying ( at least that’s what my cousins say 😅😆) .
  • I love singing and dancing ( I do to dance classes such as kathak and went to ballet , both are classical) .
  • I do art classes too. .
  • I absolutely love music ( i mean who doesn’t ) .
  • Also I am a huge potterhead , I absolutely love harry potter. .
  • I know around 6 languages – Spanish, French , Bengali, Hindi , Kannada , and English (obviously)


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