1st day of school in a shuffled class been in ‘Baldwin Girls’ High School’ from the age of 3. Since I didn’t know many people in my class. I sat down missing my old batch of friends but found hope that this year would be great too.

 When classes started the teachers gave warnings about the higher class being more difficult then giving reassurance. The class of standard 8 is on the 3rd floor, while climbing the stairs you will almost get your legs sprained before reaching class in the morning. Getting bored while the teacher is teaching not paying attention just thinking when will recess start. So that I can enjoy with my friends while a rush of memories came back of all the mischievous things we did. When having free periods not knowing what to do, feeling bored, catching up with some old friends, having inappropriate talks, reading a book everything else than completing notes. Library, music, P.E, S.U.P.W, robotics and friends are the main reasons to come to school. Bringing delicious lunch only to have your friend finish it.

Feeling down so much but it doesn’t matter once you come to school the monkeys you know as friends will make you laugh so much you will forget all the sorrow in your life. Pretending to be sick with your friends so that we can chill. Having joint study sessions to be productive with your friends instead of studying we are, gossiping and forgetting the real reason we got together to study.

Dropping a pen on purpose while the teacher is calling out to answer questions. Writing on desks and drawing in your textbooks. Copping homework because you were ‘busy’ being ‘responsible’ by taking money to school for the canteen but not using it all.

When school gets closed for the day. We hurry to pack our bags and go to the washroom. Later going to the bus being all sweaty and feeling hot. Fighting for the window seat while talking with your group non-stop until your stop comes.

While coming back home, feeling tired. Still, we change our dress, eat a snack, and go out to play (unless u have a class). Come back and bath then finish our homework(most of it). Later have dinner watch a movie, and then go to sleep. Waking up and then not wanting to go to school because all you want to do is sleep. Then reaching school and feeling overjoyed.

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