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Celebration Of 50 Followers!!🎉🥳QndA

Hey Royals !!!

so the post is finally here …. I’m sooo excited

ok lets get started

here are the questions:

────── ♡ ──────

Corrie’s Questions

How many pink clothes do you have? Ans: ok well… I definitely have more than 10 . I love pink when it comes to clothes!!

What is your favourite writing equipment? Ans: Definitely Pen and paper cause it feels more realistic and I feel really productive .

How many books have you read this week? Ans: 1 only its “Harry potter and the sorccer’s stone” . I saw all the movies did not read the books yet ..

Aamy’s Questions

1. Do you have any pets? Ans: nope 😦 never had one ,only street dogs…. though my family has a history of pets like my mom had 2 dogs Tina a Alsatian and pommy a pomeriun . My father had a Coker spaniel named Ronny and my maternal Grandfather had a cheetah ( not joking, for real) her name was Chitra
2. Why did you start your blog? Ans: 15 may 2021
3. Do you like anime? Ans : by anime if u mean animated movies yes but if u mean anime like Japanese anime’s etc… no never seen one
4. Have you written any books? Ans: no not yet one was in progress last year but never completed it , it was about teen detectives name the impossible detectives ….. mostly because I was writing it on my computer and it crashed
5. What’s your fave book? Ans: My fav book is Matilda .
6. Who’s your fave singer? Ans : I have manyyyy i cant choose , but if I have to choose I would say Selena Gomez I absolutely love her songs

Gelina’s Questions

1. Do you have any pets? Ans : Nope , (as I said earlier) but I want a puppyyyy(they are so cuteee)
2. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Ans: Lets say somewhere in – between , but mostly extrovert. when I meet a person I’ll be shy at first but later if I get to know them I’ll talk none stop . I remember once there was a girl in my class that didn’t talk much i literally may have made her around 10 percent more talkative I’m glad to have a talent like that.
3. What is your favourite colour? Ans: I would say Lavender, Glacious and pastel
4. How long have you been blogging? Ans: Oh ya thx for reminding me , it has beeeeeeeennnnnn a yearrrr already !!!! I had started this blog last year begining of summer vacay !!!!!
5. Could I interview you? Ans: Yes sure definitely!

────── ♡ ──────

Well …

thats it

for todays post

cya later


Hiii !!! I am Rajonya ur crazy teen blogger( I know that it is a big name and hard to pronounce , so you can call me by my pet name Gini ). I am the founder nd creator of this blog Princesss World . ( btw the meaning of my name Rajonya is princess so, you get it ) . I was so bored during lock-down so I thought of opening a blog and found wordpress . ( funny story , I found wordpress through my computer textbook😁)So since ur here now behold for more crazy blog posts. my mom:hey! what are u doing ? u know what idc come nd help me . Me : ok wait a second ! MOM : now! k gtg byeeeeeeeeeee !! 😃

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