Heyyyy All !! Whatcha up to ? ( is it weird that I am reading this in an British accent ? It is quite fun )

As u can Read the title I decided to do/participate inky’s custom contest . Thank you so much!!! So here are the rules –


  • add the featured image on the start of the post (but you can make your own design, and place mine at the end.
  • follow the selected categories: writing, painting, designing or baking
  • max three entries (but you can only win one)
  • for writing, max words is 350. it also has to be family friendly.
  • for painting+ designing ; make sure it’s kid friendly. if you’re unsure; send it over to my Gmail.
  • when paste (ing?) the logo; make sure to add the copyright credits. (caption)
  • use “inky’s custom contest” tag in the post.


Soo I am doing a entry in painting

here it is

My Painting

How is it ?





That’s it for today

Thank you so much Inky !!!



Rajonya outt

10 responses to “inky’s custom contest!”

  1. Betty Avatar

    Thanks for the nomination! 😀 and those eyes you’ve painted are so so beautiful 🤩


  2. ✨Aamy✨ Avatar

    That’s a really pretty painting :OO


  3. inky Avatar

    AHHH OMG THAT IS SOO PRETTY! i love it and thanks for participating 🙂


  4. […] RiyaSiyaAayushiDhritiRajonya […]


  5. Dhriti Keni Avatar

    Omg, this looks so beautiful!!! How are you so good at painting??


    1. 🤩 Rajonya 🤩 Avatar

      Thank you so much !! Idk just needs practice

      Liked by 1 person

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