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Christmas present part 1 – Christmas painting

Heyyyy Everyone ! How was everyone’s week ?

So as promised in my last post . I am here with part one of Christmas presents

Guess what is it , It’s a painting ! Me to myself : Hey ! they already know that ,obviously they read the title🙄

Here is the video ( plz do try it out ):

*humming Christmas songs while writing this **gets out of focus and starts dancing *






So how did everyone like the painting ?

Is anyone really really excited for Christmas like me ?

I Am Already in the Christmas mood (jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way )

So that’s it for today ..

Hope you liked today’s post . Cya later byeeeeeeeeeeee


Hiii !!! I am Rajonya ur crazy teen blogger( I know that it is a big name and hard to pronounce , so you can call me by my pet name Gini ). I am the founder nd creator of this blog Princesss World . ( btw the meaning of my name Rajonya is princess so, you get it ) . I was so bored during lock-down so I thought of opening a blog and found wordpress . ( funny story , I found wordpress through my computer textbook😁)So since ur here now behold for more crazy blog posts. my mom:hey! what are u doing ? u know what idc come nd help me . Me : ok wait a second ! MOM : now! k gtg byeeeeeeeeeee !! 😃

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