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4 different Bookmarks

Heyyy everyone !!! How’s your day going ?

Soooooo………….. Today I thought of making a Diy post 4 different types of bookmark ( make the one you like , or all of them !)









Ps: There are lots of Christmas videos coming up


  • christmas gift ideas part 1,2,3,4 etc…..
  • christmas decorations ( in parts tooo )
  • Well there is moree…..

Have a great day !! Seee you later byeeeeeeeeee ….


Hiii !!! I am Rajonya a new 12 yr old blogger( i know that it is a big name and hard to pronounce , most people i know mispronounce it , so you can call me by my pen name Gini ). I am the founder nd creator of this blog Princesss World . ( btw the meaning of my name Rajonya is princess so, you get it ) . i was so bored during lock-down so i thought of opening a blog and found wordpress . ( funny story , i found wordpress through my computer textbook😁) hope you love my blog . byeeeeeeeeeee !! 😃

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