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Halloween Q and A Nomination

Hiiii everyone ! How ‘s your day ? So , I have been nominated to a Q & A nomination . Thank you Sophie for nominating me .

Here are the Rules :


  • Include the image above
  • Thank the person who nominated you and tag their blog and the creator’s blog (I want to see who else does this )
  • Answer the questions asked and add one of your own
  • Tag as many people as you want

So here I go ,

Q 1 . What’s your favorite part of Halloween?

Ans : Hmm let’s see , trick or treating of course ! It’s the most exciting part of Halloween .

Q 2 . What are you dressing up as this year? Add a pic if you want.

Ans : This year I am going to dress as a witch ( but not the bad kind , the good kind ) . The costume will be made with things I already have , with a hint of magic from DIY . A black dress , black boots , a cape , witch’s hat , a necklace ( which is enchanted 😉) , some jewelry , and a wand .

Q 3 . Favorite Halloween memory?

Ans : My fav halloween memmory is that when on Halloween night I got together with my friends , we dressed up as different charecters . we went for trick or treating ( I was dressed as a Black cat ) to all the neighborhood houses ( we were loded with candies , ice – cream , chocolate and money ) . There is a vacant housde in our locality , we were hanging out and telling ghost stories . that’s when we heard a shrieking laughter from somewhere hahahaha ( we were horrified ) but it turns out it was my mom and her friend dressed as a witch 😅😂 . we had dinner and lived happily ever after .

Q 4 . Favorite Halloween themed activity?

Ans : Well , I remember that me and my friends were hanging out ( eating snacks & playing games as usual ) , when we started making a halloween basket ( We totally forgot that Halloween was the day after 😅) For candy . We took medium sized plastic bowls , then made a pumpkin and pasted it on the bowls . We made the Handles out of ribbon . We had a lot of fun doing that .

Q 5 . You’re never too old for trick or treating. True or false (in your opinion)?

Ans : True obviously , you will never be too old for that .

These are the Q and A ‘s . Hope you loved the answers , I loved answering them * excited * . Anyways here are the people I tag .

Thank you again Sophia . Hope you liked this post Byeeeeeeeee.