hi guys , sorry for not posting in a while . Well so today’s post is about baggage tags , let’s take for example you are traveling in an airplane and you have put you suitcase in checked in luggage .After the flight you go to collect your bag and you can’t find it as it is lost . But then someone else finds it and sees your tags and emails you that he \she has your bag . Thank God for your tag you found your bag right . So, let’s see how to make a tag .

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6 responses to “Diy Luggage tags for travel”

  1. Betty😉 Avatar

    Hi I got the message you sent in my blog!! I’ll really love to give you some suggestions and help you grow your blog 😊
    You can create a pinterest account and tell me your username, I’ll message you there 😉😊

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  2. lemondederegina Avatar

    Plz send me in my mail rajonya@princesssworld .com


    1. Betty😉 Avatar

      I’m sorry but I don’t use mail, you can create a account on pinterest, it’s online and free!


    2. Betty😉 Avatar

      You can visit the above link and click on request access, so that we can talk with our WordPress account instead of pinterest and mail


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