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Hello everyone! Getting bored, are you? Well, then you are at the right place. We all know that the pandemic has bored most of u and with all the free time we have now we don’t know what to do with it( well not always especially not when we have exams ). here there are lots of activities like DIYS, Tips, and hacks, easy recipes, special blogs etc. With materials/ingredients which you can find at home easily! Also, we will mostly use recyclable materials as we want to save Mother Nature. We will learn and have fun through the journey. You can also write your suggestions in the comments / Feedback Button . I will be really happy if you share your creations and suggestions in the comments. I would really like to be friends contact me in mail/ Pinterest /google chat.

Sumer Lollies

Let’s start the summer with a cool start.

1 Popsicle mold or Paper cups or ice tray
2 Popsicle sticks or spoon or toothpicks
3 3 or 4 varieties of fruits cut into big chunks- Kiwi, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, etc
4 Liquid- Coconut water or Lemonade or Lemon Tang

Cut fruits into medium-size chunks
Put it in the Popsicle mold or paper cups
3. Pour in homemade lemonade or coconut water or Lemon Tang.
4. Freeze overnight

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